The 1st Workshop of Trends and challenges in Social Internet of Things (TC-SIoT’2018)

Sunday, September 9. Time: 16:00 – 17:30

Bologna, Italy

New:   Final program is available.


New : Extended versions of accepted papers will be published in a special issue of Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220, Impact Factor 2.677)


Motivation and Background

 As the Internet of Things (IoT) is evolving, it is expected that, in a near future, billions of objects will be connected, and that the things will get smarter. Recently, a novel interaction model is proposed for objects in order to enhance their cooperation to build better user oriented services. In a social IoT, the objects are capable of establishing social relationships with others. Social relationships can be based on location, ownership, functionalities etc. Social interaction among the SIoT objects generate a huge volume of data to be analyzed and processed for various applications such as social VANET, e-health, smart Homes, Smart Grid, Smart Factories, etc. Such a dynamic landscape requires new specific infrastructures, enabling technologies, models, theories and approaches of interaction and collaboration. Due to their complex structure and all-in-one embedded nature, SIoT are raising numerous concerns regarding their architectural design, implementation, and operational manageability. International workshop of Trends and challenges in Social Internet of Things aims at gathering researchers and practitioners in the field of Social Internet of Things to discuss the latest issues and advances regarding SIoT. We are soliciting original, high quality research papers on all topics related to the latest development of the Social Internet of Things. In particular, we seek submissions on the following topics:

  • SIoT architecture, protocols and models
  • Applications of SIoT in smart cities, e-health, Agriculture, etc.
  • Quality of service and quality of experience for SIoT
  • Cyber-physical security and data privacy in SIoT
  • Trustworthiness management in SIoT
  • Prototyping of SIoT (Simulation and testbed)
  • Communication infrastructure and technologies for SIoT : sensor networks, M2M
  • communications, resource-constrained networks, real-time systems, SDN, NFV.
  • Data Integration, Data Dissemination, Big Data Management, and Data analytics in SIoT
  • Heterogeneity and interoperability of objects in SIoT
  • Blockchain-based SIoT security solutions
  • Blockchain-based SIoT Applications, Platforms, Systems and Frameworks
  • Autonomic service discovery and composition in SIoT
  • Integration of SIoT and Cloud computing